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Husbands Going to the CW

"Husbands" Picked Up by CW


The CW is going to be bankrolling "Husbands" from this point forward. The latest news is that it will be migrating the show over to the CW digital platform from its Youtube origins. Since "Husbands" has developed a small (by broadcast television standards) but loyal (by any standards) following, it makes sense for the network to tap into that pre-built fan base.

Will "Husbands" ever see the light of your television screen as it floats out over the broadcast airwaves? That remains to be seen and is likely only after it establishes itself in the digital realm. This is a great leap forward for the show, though. Congratulations to everyone involved!


Alessandra Torresani, Haley on "Husbands"

Alessandra Torresani, Pretty and Talented on "Husbands"

The star of "Husbands" with the most acting credentials to her credit is Alessandra Torresani. She has been acting in television series since 1997, when she appeared in "Kablam!" That, however, was just the start of her many television roles, which has included stints on "ER," "Even Stevens" and "JAG." Her most famous role was as Zoe Graystone on "Caprica."

Alessandra Torresani

The role of Haley was specially crafted for Alessandra, so she did not have to audition for the part. She considers herself a "poster girl" for female nerds, but anyone who has caught her layouts in "Maxim" magazine knows that there is a lot more to Alessandra than just calculators and textbooks.

Alessandra Torresani
Alessandra Torresani having some fun in a "Star Wars" parody

Alessandra comes by her nerd credentials directly. Her father was a top computer genius in Silicon Valley who designed computer chips. Still, it took seven auditions for her to get the part on "Caprica." That show also is where Alessandra first worked with Jane Espenson, who was an Executive Producer.

Alessandra Torresani
Alessandra Torresani playing Princess Leia

"Husbands" is a cutting-edge comedy, and Alessandra is a cutting-edge actress and model. Don't underestimate this beauty, though, she has oodles of talent and isn't afraid to show it.

Alessandra Torresani
Alessadnra Torresani in Maxim
Alessandra Torresani adds a welcome perspective to "Husbands," and her many fans are certainly glad that she has yet another venue for showing off her unique abilities.


Sean Hemeon, Brady on "Husbands"

A Star is Born

Sean Hemon

Sean Hemeon stars in "Husbands" as Brady. With little high-profile acting experience under his belt aside from a stint as "Max" on "As the World Turns," Sean auditioned for the role of Brady and won it. He says of the audition process:

 I was the only one who had to audition. Haley was written for Alessandra and Cheeks, well Cheeks wrote it, so yep, just me. They auditioned for a whole month, saw hundreds if not thousands of submissions, and read with a bunch of guys and were going to settle for this one gentlemen. However, Cheeks had a feeling they should have one more go around and reached out further to the casting directors they knew and two of them said, “Oh, that sounds like Sean.” So in I came and then suddenly I found myself married to Cheeks!

Sean Hemon
Sean Hemeon headshot

Sean grew up with six other siblings, all boys, and was president of his elementary school. He says he sang his election speech, which probably was a first in the history of elementary school elections. Fighting for his mother's attention made him the performer he is today. He is sometimes described as an out-and-proud, ex-Mormon actor, just like his character on "Husbands."

Sean Hemon
Sean Hemeon

Sean has solid advice for people wanting to break into the acting business:
Meet people any way you can. I had two casting directors suggest me for this web series, and they suggested me because they knew me outside of auditioning. You’re here to work but you’re also here to live, so make friends!

Sean Hemon
Sean Hemeon and Jane Espenson

Sean has a Facebook page which has all sorts of interesting comments about acting and the advice he has received. Director/producer Jeff Greenstein says that

"the main thing Sean brings to the role is a certain innocence. There sweet, guileless, starry-eyed-in-the-big-city quality to Sean that's a nice counterweight to Cheeks' canniness. It's also extremely unusual in a guy with eight-pack abs and the face of an Abercrombie & Fitch model.
Sean is thrilled to be starring in "Husbands," and we are all thrilled that he is, too.


Brad Bell, Star/Producer/Writer

Brad Bell, Rising Star

Brad Bell
Brad Bell.
Brad Bell, who plays "Cheeks" on "Husbands," is a relative newcomer to Hollywood - a place where working hard for half a dozen years qualifies you as "newcomer." "Cheeks" is not just his character's name on the show - it also is his alias in real life, or alter ego, nick, or nom de plume, or whatever way you want to put it.

Brad Bell in Torchwood.
Brad has a very well-rounded background for someone who is new to the scene. Already in his young career, he has played himself on television, worked on shorts, and produced several projects.  Clearly, this is someone to watch as he gathers experience and renown.

Brad Bell and Jane Espenson.
Brad grew up in Dallas, Texas. He says that he realized at a young age that he was gay and that he was destined to move to Los Angeles and become successful. He's already accomplished both of those goals, so hopefully he has more childhood ambitions that he hasn't revealed yet.
Brad Bell, casual look.

Brad has his own website, cheektopia, He also is active on Youtube, where he posts comic pieces and music videos. He describes himself as
a free-spirited, fun-loving person who is comfortably encouraging everyone to express themselves, and creates something that provokes conversation and thought, and at the same time, he can laugh at things that are not easy to laugh at.
Brad Bell is blazing a path on the Internet. It is leading in all sorts of interesting directions, and "Husbands" is just one of many outlets for Brad's creativity.


Jane Espenson, Executive Producer

The Woman Behind the Husbands

Jane Espenson
Jane Espenson.
Executive Producer Jane Espenson is a legend in the screenwriting world, and that is no exaggeration. You couldn't ask for a better creative force behind "Husbands" than Jane.
Jane Espenson

She was born Jane Amanda Espenson in Ames, Iowa on July 14, 1964. Jane's father was a Chemist, and she studied Cognitive Science (linguistics) as a grad student at UC Berkeley.
Jane Espenson

After beginning her career as an ABC/Disney Writing Fellow for 1992-93. Jane proceeded to write screenplays for hit series after hit series. She is perhaps most famous for her extensive work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and has since become a producer (Consulting, Executive, Co-Executive, etc.) on many other highly respected series such as "Battlestar Galactica," "Caprica," "Dollhouse," "Torchwood," "Gilmore Girls," and current hit "Once Upon a Time." Word is that Jane Espenson is one of the main forces behind the spin-off from "Once Upon a Time" which will focus on Alice in Wonderland beginning in the 2013-2014 season (assuming the pilot is bought by a network).
Jane Espenson
Jane Espenson always seems to have a friendly smile for everyone.
Witty, contemporary dialogue and unexpected plot twists are Jane Espenson trademarks. Many clever aspects of her past series are associated with other Hollywood big shots, and, of course, television series are collaborations. However, those who follow Jane Espenson quickly recognize her presence behind the scenes when viewing her current projects. It may not be "snappy patter," but it is fun and light and... did I say fun? It's fun!

Jane Espenson
Jane Espenson holding one of her many awards.
You may wish to read an interview in which Jane Espenson discusses her past experiences here, or you can just follow her on Twitter @janeespenson. She is famous throughout Twitter for her writing sprints, which encourage followers to put everything else aside for an hour or so and just focus on one project - a true rarity in the Twitterverse. Actively conversing online with fans and not just the usual show-business peers and cronies, Jane Espenson is one of the true delights of Hollywood, a down-to-earth woman who gets the job done. You may never have heard of Jane Espenson - but the movers and shakers in Hollywood, along with most aspiring screenwriters, are well aware of her achievements.


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