Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alessandra Torresani, Haley on "Husbands"

Alessandra Torresani, Pretty and Talented on "Husbands"

The star of "Husbands" with the most acting credentials to her credit is Alessandra Torresani. She has been acting in television series since 1997, when she appeared in "Kablam!" That, however, was just the start of her many television roles, which has included stints on "ER," "Even Stevens" and "JAG." Her most famous role was as Zoe Graystone on "Caprica."

Alessandra Torresani

The role of Haley was specially crafted for Alessandra, so she did not have to audition for the part. She considers herself a "poster girl" for female nerds, but anyone who has caught her layouts in "Maxim" magazine knows that there is a lot more to Alessandra than just calculators and textbooks.

Alessandra Torresani
Alessandra Torresani having some fun in a "Star Wars" parody

Alessandra comes by her nerd credentials directly. Her father was a top computer genius in Silicon Valley who designed computer chips. Still, it took seven auditions for her to get the part on "Caprica." That show also is where Alessandra first worked with Jane Espenson, who was an Executive Producer.

Alessandra Torresani
Alessandra Torresani playing Princess Leia

"Husbands" is a cutting-edge comedy, and Alessandra is a cutting-edge actress and model. Don't underestimate this beauty, though, she has oodles of talent and isn't afraid to show it.

Alessandra Torresani
Alessadnra Torresani in Maxim
Alessandra Torresani adds a welcome perspective to "Husbands," and her many fans are certainly glad that she has yet another venue for showing off her unique abilities.


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