Thursday, March 28, 2013

Husbands Going to the CW

"Husbands" Picked Up by CW


The CW is going to be bankrolling "Husbands" from this point forward. The latest news is that it will be migrating the show over to the CW digital platform from its Youtube origins. Since "Husbands" has developed a small (by broadcast television standards) but loyal (by any standards) following, it makes sense for the network to tap into that pre-built fan base.

Will "Husbands" ever see the light of your television screen as it floats out over the broadcast airwaves? That remains to be seen and is likely only after it establishes itself in the digital realm. This is a great leap forward for the show, though. Congratulations to everyone involved!


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  1. TV serials are very popular. It the turn for husbands to ring the bell. Congratulation. ! Hope this serial has the tendency to knock out the audience. All the best.