Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sean Hemeon, Brady on "Husbands"

A Star is Born

Sean Hemon

Sean Hemeon stars in "Husbands" as Brady. With little high-profile acting experience under his belt aside from a stint as "Max" on "As the World Turns," Sean auditioned for the role of Brady and won it. He says of the audition process:

 I was the only one who had to audition. Haley was written for Alessandra and Cheeks, well Cheeks wrote it, so yep, just me. They auditioned for a whole month, saw hundreds if not thousands of submissions, and read with a bunch of guys and were going to settle for this one gentlemen. However, Cheeks had a feeling they should have one more go around and reached out further to the casting directors they knew and two of them said, “Oh, that sounds like Sean.” So in I came and then suddenly I found myself married to Cheeks!

Sean Hemon
Sean Hemeon headshot

Sean grew up with six other siblings, all boys, and was president of his elementary school. He says he sang his election speech, which probably was a first in the history of elementary school elections. Fighting for his mother's attention made him the performer he is today. He is sometimes described as an out-and-proud, ex-Mormon actor, just like his character on "Husbands."

Sean Hemon
Sean Hemeon

Sean has solid advice for people wanting to break into the acting business:
Meet people any way you can. I had two casting directors suggest me for this web series, and they suggested me because they knew me outside of auditioning. You’re here to work but you’re also here to live, so make friends!

Sean Hemon
Sean Hemeon and Jane Espenson

Sean has a Facebook page which has all sorts of interesting comments about acting and the advice he has received. Director/producer Jeff Greenstein says that

"the main thing Sean brings to the role is a certain innocence. There sweet, guileless, starry-eyed-in-the-big-city quality to Sean that's a nice counterweight to Cheeks' canniness. It's also extremely unusual in a guy with eight-pack abs and the face of an Abercrombie & Fitch model.
Sean is thrilled to be starring in "Husbands," and we are all thrilled that he is, too.


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  1. he does seem like a talented person. i have not really had the chance to see him in action but after reading your post i think i should. keep us updated with more talent